Rip Off Report:

We created this page for several reasons. Those reasons are posted below. This information is very important whether you are abreeder, a buyer or in any business at all. Heck, if you are a human you should know the following information provided here.  Please read all of this message, included the documents provided at the bottom
of this page to know why this page was created. This will also educate you on how things work regarding vicious claims that can be out of thin air to protect yourself.

We recently learned that there is an internet page called
RIP OFF REPORT.  Us here at Forever Akitas and another breeder were wrongly placed on this report from a gal that bought a nice male Akita puppy from this other breeder but through me. About this RIP OFF REPORT company, they will put up any complaint with no attempt to want to know or interested in proving  the truth. True or false....they do not care. Why? because they charge $149 to squash it. 

This means, people with real reports about them can be squashed. What a racket!!!!  There is no way we or the other breeder mentioned were going to pay that fee to those crooks. 
We decided to expose this company, along with several others, especially after we found out what they were all about. Not only
do you have to pay money, but the man who started this company is a major criminal, a wanted criminal and a professional scammer and they cannot catch him. Additionally, I want to expose the person who made the claim against us, with "proof" of our innocence and that she is not honest at all.

Founder of Rip Off Reports

Report Against Us

If you find someone has been bashed on this RIP OFF REPORT please do some thorough research because it is likely not true.
Just don't take this website as proof of any claim. They are a
huge scam. Maybe some of their reports are true, but just be
sure do a little investigation on your own.  These people will let
any accusations on their site and then contact you in hopes you
will give them money, the $149.

Below is the info to prove our innocence and about the gal that made this report, which is full of nothing but dishonesty, we are happy we can prove her lies. Be sure you have read her report
with these RIP OFF REPORT people then compare to our evidence.

So this gal Heather O'Donnell sent an email to us on Feb 11, 2017 claiming the puppy had severely green gunky eyes when he arrived back in November 2016. So this puppy wasn't take to the vet for nearly 3 months? She says now in the recent email that he has an eye condition called entropion. First of all he didn't arrive with any eye infection. We can prove that. If this puppy come down with an eye infection after arriving, that is still at least 2 months of poor care?

Furthermore Heather stated in her report she didn't know that
this puppy was only purchased through me and that I was not
the breeder and she thought I was, even though that information was clearly stated on the litter page. Maybe we talked about it
too, I don't really remember.

She also stated that Forever Akitas attempted to over charge
her $100 shipping and only returned $80 of it.  Well, that is partly true, we clearly explained the circumstances to Heather. Only because we knew it would be close on the 50# allowed by United Airline in the same price range, it was 50/50 on the weight and/total being under the 50 pounds or if he would fit a 300 crate or need a 400. We had to take him to the pet store to fit him to the proper crate prior to shipping. I refunded her money without issue and promptly, the next day. In fact, I returned to the penny $95.55 which is exactly what I owed her. The puppy & crate weighed exactly 50#, why she prepaid overage just in case.    I  wasn't ever going to keep the overage.

I also explained in detail prior to her paying any money that it
could go either way. Her money (see receipt below) as soon as
I could reach her on how she preferred the return, which ended
up being PayPal through her "business".

Secondly, we could not have shipped the puppy with any infection. The health certificate states the puppy is in good health which
also means puppy cannot be sick or have anything contagious.
They cannot have conjunctivitis (big green pussy eyes) which is contagious and receive a health certificate. Please see all
documents below, including picture of this puppy at the time of shipping.
Additionally, if the puppy had infected eyes when it got there
in November of 2016, why did she wait till February 2017 to
get him vet checked? We are saddened that these boys, ours
and the other one sound neglected. I truly believed he was going
to a good home and I usually have good judgment. Keep reading you will find out exactly what type of person she really is.
About the puppy needing a vet, she has had this puppy pushing
3 months when she contacted us about a supposed issue.

We asked for proof of this entropion that she claims he has.
She would NOT provide it. She refused!!! Only a bill where a
male Akita   got vaccinations and eye ointment. Heather would
only tell us what she claims is a verbal guess that the surgery
would cost $800, information supposedly from this veterinarian
or so she claims to be and a firm demand for the money from us, mostly the other breeder. Along with this bill. I guess we were obligated for his ongoing vaccines? Why pain meds? We have wondered if the two boys got to rough housing and someone
maybe got a scratched eye and a strain? Who knows, we
couldn't get any proof. The next day she made the false claims.

That Heather has another boy Akita, we had concerns
with her secretive attitude that the issues may be the other
puppy and not ours at all, after all he didn't have anything
wrong when he arrived. So we asked several times, may
we have proof this is from our puppy that is supposedly
needing eye surgery, no she would not do that or anything
we asked. We wanted him to go to a specialist on our dime,
nope she wouldn't do that either. We are lead to believe
that she is scamming us for money. Let these documents
below help you decide what you believe.

Provided below is the Airway Bill when we sent the
puppy to Heather. Date, weight and all is provided. The date
on the health certificate is the same as the shipping day.

See above that the exact weight was 50 lbs on the button.
One more pound and no refund would have been needed.


This is Cheech, the puppy we sent him.

This picture taken just
before shipping.

The picture was a couple
weeks prior.


Below is Cheech's Health Certificate. Proof he did not have
an eye infection when he left us. Date of this certificate
11/29/16...the day he was shipped. He did not develop
a ranging eye infection that quickly.


Below is the proof of money quickly returned to Heather,
the very next day, 11/30/17, the puppy was shipped 11/29/16.
We owed her back exactly $95.55. This is exactly how
business should be done for good records!


Below is a screenshot of the email we got a about 9 days 
after the puppy arrived in Heather's care. No mention of
anything wrong with the puppy. She stated he was doing
great, ate well and only had a question about bloat. No other
emails about any other thing. Seems she would have
mentioned a green pus filled eye that he allegedly arrived


I wish Heather had not unfriended me on Facebook. I was
getting more of these screenshots such as the one below.
In the middle of investigating her Facebook page is when
I was unfriended.  I had just realized she has been on
"several" vacations starting with the day after she got the
puppy and was very surprised and uneasy with that. I
was totally shocked when this investigation revealed even
more on Miss. Heather even though I didn't get much
from her Facebook page. It is actually quite sad. These
vacations are part of her "business". About her business,
see below.  I wish I had more to insert here from
Facebook even though not probably needed to make our
case. It would have proved the puppy was not her first
priority. I just keep thinking about the puppy and who is
taking care of him? What about the other male Akita
puppy? The pictures of him on her Facebook, nothing
wrong with him. I wish I could have got those pics too!

Maybe this whole mentality goes together? We are not
going to be her "Sugar Daddy" and give money for
whatever excuses she comes up with. We stand behind
our dogs, 100% when proof is given. We pretty much knew
it was a scam, when she refused to prove this eye condition
was real or hereditary, the breeder would have paid. 
Hopefully we are her only victims, including this puppy and
likely the other one. This is so concerning!!

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