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Forever Akitas brought me an angel of a puppy. Great temperament, beautiful features, all the provided paperwork and it was as easy as that. Velvet is an angel, she shows great kindness to other dogs, people and even cats and has been the easiest Akita puppy I've raised and she is #8 for me. Thanks, Kokoma

Hi LaRinda, letting you know we made it home. Kato alternated sitting on my lap and laying down on his own in the back. Made a few stops on the way home so Kato could go potty and stretch his legs. Thank you for such raising such a sweet, confident baby. We are So Very  pleased With Our New Family addition. I will send periodic photos of his new family adventures. :) Lana

Second response-

Kato is such a happy brave boy. He sits when asked, learning to lay down. Comes to my whistle, most of the time. We start our day at 6 am, Feeding horses and watering gardens and plants. He's very helpful with the watering, attacks the hose and water. He loves the tall grass. Picked my bell pepper from the plant, It was full of puppy teeth holes, we ate It for dinner anyways. My older dogs are accepting  his presence. They are learning he's staying and not visiting. Lol. They hang out with him and are teaching him respect for elders. My son brought his border collie, Addy over to play. They had a blast and played until Kato was a pooped puppy. Going to make it a regular visit with Addy so Kato can play. Our camp trip gave Kato more leash training. We took our horses and rode a few hours. He stayed back in the r v and slept. He really wants to be with his horses. He Keeps an eye on them. He will make a grand trail buddy.  Take care. Will keep in touch with Kato's  adventures. Lana

Our baby made it safe and sound! Holy cow what a character and busy bug... About an hour after he got here we took him with us to a bbq at my folks house for my dad's birthday. All the nieces and nephews got a kick out of him. My mom and sister in law just loved him. He ran around chasing kids, packing off plastic spoons and trying to play with all the other dogs. At our house after drop off he could not stay out of the water. The sprinklers are running a lot from our recent lawn add on and he would literally just put his entire mouth over the sprinkler and try destroy it. Just a cute playful boy, he so far as attached most to our 4 year old. They can't stop playing. Anyway just wanted to let you know all is well, and we LOVE him! Thanks so much.... Tresa

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~*Wonderful Well Educated Breeder*~
Great breeder to purchase from. We couldn't ask for more in our male puppy! He is smart, big boned, gorgeous head, and a beautiful marked dog. We are absolutely satisfied with our puppy and the breeders handling in the sale. Tresa


My name is Sandy and I would like to share my wonderful experience finding our Akita. I started looking off for a purebred Akita  about 2 years ago.  On one of my searches I came across which lead me to a wonderful website

This website is packed full of wonderful info and helpful links.  While exploring I found out they had a pregnant female. They had not only great genealogy on their female named Crown Royals Forever Trinity aka "Trinity"  but they also had great genealogy on the male named Will Of The Winds Judo aka "Judo".  After spending about 3 days looking at their website and talking with my family we had decided this was the perfect breeder for us.  I called LaRinda and had a wonderful phone interview. By the end of the first call we knew that we did not have to look any further.  When the puppies were born, LaRinda was amazing!

She kept us informed every step.  She made sure that the puppies were healthy and well loved.  We visited the puppies when old enough for visitors and the puppies were perfect!  Their color, confirmation and attitude were beautiful.  We could not wait to bring our puppy home.  At 8 weeks old when it was time to pick him up, LaRinda was so helpful. Our family was going on vacation in one week and LaRinda was willing to keep our puppy and extra 2 weeks. It was so nice not having to worry about finding a puppy sitter.

After our vacation we picked him up. He was so beautiful and LaRinda did a great job preparing him for travel to his new home.

Thank you so much LaRinda. You did an amazing job creating puppies you can be proud of. The wonderful packet you sent home with us was amazing.  I showed my best friends and several people at the vet office. The people at the veterinarian's office said it was the best packet they had ever seen :-)  Thank you for all your hard work and the packet, or I think you called it a puppy book.  Keep up the great work. We are looking forward to our next puppy purchase. 

Sandy Herrera

Kaito 2 years old, Feb 2017, son of
Crown Royals Forever Trinity & Will Of The Winds Judo

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